A refined pipeline: EdgePetrol boosts their pipe feed by 300% with Gong

Published by Gong

EdgePetrol’s prospect base was so used to the status quo, they didn’t recognize their situation as problematic, or see a need for a solution. With a global pandemic and an off-kilter economy, EdgePetrol needed new ways to build a highly qualified pipeline and communicate its product’s value so it could close big deals.

How did the company regain its balance? Gong’s Revenue Intelligence platform helped EdgePetrol create predictable revenue and understand its customers’ needs.

In a matter of months, thanks in part to Gong, EdgePetrol hit meaningful milestones:

  • 300% increase in pipeline 
  • 66% decrease in employee ramp time (from 18 to 6 months)
  • 10% increase in close rate
  • Shortened sales cycle
  • Larger average deal size 
  • Saved at-risk deals
  • Gained insights about the business and the market
  • Retained and grew existing customer accounts
  • More qualified opportunities 

This is the story of how it all happened. 

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