The Data-backed Guide for Closing Complex 6-Figure Deals

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How expectations have shifted:

Buyers demand more from sellers.

B2C experiences have set new buying standards, and set the bar pretty high. Netflix tells you what to watch, Instagram ads tell you what to buy, and Amazon ships to you in one click. How? Simple. They have data that enables them to create hyper-personalized experiences. But when that same consumer enters a B2B buying cycle, the experience changes — but their expectations don’t. The B2B world is filled with valueless web conferencing calls, alignment issues, and distributed decision-making. While transactional deals have shifted to “enter your credit card” tactics to remove friction, complex sales have struggled to keep pace with buyers’ expectations. B2B buyers expect sellers to understand their challenges better than they do. They expect flawless sales execution because they know tools exist to support that experience. Oh, and they don’t want to repeat themselves, so you better take meticulous notes — or else.

Six-figure deals are complicated It’s unavoidable.

Sales are intricate at the enterprise level. Your buyer can’t enter their credit card number and call it a day. You’re dealing with unforeseen hurdles and countless stakeholders (which means more objections).

Sound familiar? If you’re nodding, this is the guide for you

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