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Relationship Marketing

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It’s been a wild few years for marketers. In 2018, after Cambridge Analytica practices were revealed, we saw consumers stand up for themselves, advocating for their privacy and more control in how their data was used. In 2019, Google made the stunning announcement that they were moving away from the third-party cookie — tracking tech that marketers were (and really, still are) wholly dependent on to understand their audiences. We watched as Mozilla Firefox joined in, and as Apple announced new privacy features in iPhones and Safari – and then went to war with Facebook over what came next. Meanwhile, marketers are caught in the middle, just trying to connect with consumers and customers any way we can.

Read on to learn the stages and use cases that define Relationship Marketing, the journey that you will go on with your customers, and how following that journey can deliver the loyalty, advocacy, and revenue that you’ve been leaving behind. You’ll also be able to watch the real-life successes of global brands who’ve implemented these strategies.

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