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The 4 Essential Steps to Influencer Marketing Success

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With social media consumption consistently on the rise, the creator economy is one of the most efficient places for brands to capture the awareness of online audiences. As consumer attention continues to shift online away from more traditional marketing streams, the demand for influencer marketing has grown exponentially alongside other digital tactics.

Influencers are a shortcut to consumer trust. When brands invest in “influence”, they effectively leverage the fact that a certain creator or “influencer” holds their followers' attention and trust. When that influencer shares a positive experience with a brand, followers are much more likely to pay attention to and trust that brand. It’s akin to word-of-mouth marketing, allowing brands to showcase their product to the right audience without ever actually “selling” to them.

Influencer marketing allows brands to generate high-quality content at scale, for a lower cost than expensive in-house creative production. Brands can also repurpose creator content across multiple paid and organic marketing channels, further discounting the actual creative cost.

When executing an effective influencer marketing campaign, four essential steps must be followed to ensure the highest possible ROI…

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